Cyber Forsensic

Data Recovery Services

Data recovery used to backup the data from the hardware and software in case of computer or software crashes. Tristar software provides the service to recover data from computer, notebook, laptop hard drives and external hard drives. We offers data recovery services in any type of data loss.

Password Recovery Services

These service provided by us to recover or decrypt the password of the digital devices.The devices such as computer, laptops, mobile, network devices etc

Computer Forensic Services

In Computer Forensic we provide the total analysis of the computer or laptops.The analysis involve password recovery or removal, data decryption,data compression and imaging, Duplicate file elimination, Forensic examination of log files and computer registry, Website visit logs and internet cache examination, Email searches

Mobile Forensic Services

Mobile forensic is to recover digital evidence or data from mobile devices in forensically sound manner. We provide the mobile forensic services to recover deleted text message, pictures, phone call information and other types of stored data as the digital evidence to prove in court of law.

Cyber Forensic Consultancy

We provide unparalleled consultancy services in various areas of Cyber Forensics, so as to protect the digital assets of your organization from accidents, information theft, cyber-attacks or any other unforeseen system vulnerabilities. The depth of analysis offered and the practicality of execution of the strategies that we suggest make us different (and better) than the rest. Do get in touch with us to ensure mobile and network security as well.

Cyber Forensic Education/Training

We provide training and education of the computer/mobile security and cyber forensic.In order for security to be properly integrated into applications and software systems, organization must be aware of potential security risks and how to prevent them.These training prepares you in disciplines of digital forensic investigation, incident response, network and mobile device forensic.